Reflection Judaism Essay

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Kedrick Rowell REL2000 11/1/11 Reflection Judaism One of the specific points of this religion that impacted me is that the word Jew comes from Judah or Judea which no longer holds any truth, Jew is one belonging to the religious community of the Jewish faith. Judaism is a religion and a culture, It is and heritage and its inheritance. The Hebrew history has been written back and forth from the exodus. The exodus was the mighty act of Yahweh, If I were to compare/contradict my belief to Judaism I would say that Judaism is very similar to my on belief but are very differ in both their own ways, for example. in Christianity we believe that Jesus Christ is the lord and he is our savor which in Judaism they believe that there savor has not arrived yet and that he’s still coming to take them to the promise land, but some of similar thing that they have in common is that god is the creator and god, god does not have a physical form he is eternal and god and god only are to be worship. One of the most important things that they differ in is there book of worship where Christian has the Old Testament and the New Testament Judaism only read the torch. If I were to teach someone about this religion I would say it’s not very far from Christianity because the belief of being a Christian came from Judaism. They differ but not that much different from each other I guess you can say Christianity is Judaism little brother, but this is the thing
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