Reflection Journal: Tricked

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Benjamin Smith 9.18.2014 Event Participation #1 Tricked: A look inside America’s Sex Trade Documentary Tricked discusses in extent the ongoing debate of human-sex trafficking in America. Sex trafficking is a continuously-growing business in the criminal industry – earning revenues of over $3 billion per year – and that same amount of money being lost in police effort’s funding to stop this crime. The documentary looks at the point of view on the topic of sex trafficking from all angles – the victims, families, businessmen, customers, and the laws – and how the industry has affected their lives and efforts. Honestly, this documentary has completely changed my outlook on sex trafficking – mainly due to the fact that the film increased my knowledge on the topic in answering questions that I didn’t even know I had to ask. Sex trafficking is a much more serious crime than people think it is – a business of female empowerment that sell sexual services in exchange for money – when, however, it is an underground market of enslaved women forced into unwilling intercourse. Prostitution starts out at a fairly young age – ages 11-14 – where pimps use social media networks and blogs to befriend vulnerably young women. They’ll use seducing woos and flaunts to lure these girls in, comforting them with protection & care and buying them tangible desires. Seeing the point of view on sex trafficking from a prostitute as a victim – rather than a sex-worker – is one factor that change my view on sex trafficking. In the film, a turned-prostitute provides their life story as a former prostitute and how they were able to escape the slavery of sex trafficking. The interviewee discussed how prostitution is seen as a business of female empowerment by society, when actually it is the exact opposite. Prostitution is a pimp (usually male) operated industry, where women are the
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