Reflection in Nursing

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This assignment presents a critical reflection of a critical incident that I experienced while on clinical placement. The incident is illustrated in the form of an exemplar, using the format of a nursing reflective model that enables the use of critical reflection, thinking and analysis. Finally the assignment is summarised, concluding the assignment. To maintain confidentiality, all names of people, places and organisations have been changed and are denoted with a star*.
Critical reflection is when one scrutinises an incident and the involved persons’ actions, in an intense and interrogative manner (Freshwater, 2008). Through critical reflection the practitioner thinks about how they are thinking, and why they think as they do, while also thinking about their practice, ultimately achieving a change not only in perspective, but also in behaviour (Freshwater, Esterhuizen & Horton-Deutsch, 2008).
When choosing a critical incident, using the recommendations of Freshwater and Esterhuizen (2008), I thought about an incident that I was significant to me because it captured the essence of nursing and was particularly demanding. By combining my chosen critical incident, with critical reflection as outlined above, I will have “a sharply focused lense through which opinions, personal actions, judgments and beliefs can be viewed” (Freshwater & Esterhuizen, 2008, p. 229) and a useful way to do this is to use a reflective tool.
Cooney (2000) provides a beginner’s reflective tool, which I will use to critically reflect on my chosen incident. Cooney’s (2000) five stages of reflection provide a systematic approach to reflection, and all of these stages are mentioned consistently through reflective literature, including other notable reflective models such as Gibbs’ and Driscoll’s models of reflection (as cited by Esterhuizen & Freshwater,
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