Reflection In Law School Essay

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Date: 13.12.2011 I've decided to keep a journal, which i've always wanted to do but never got the time to do so. Tonight, i feel extra creative and pumped up. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the few sips of beer i just had 5 minutes ago. So, i was in my friend's room trying to work on my Law of Contracts project but to no avail, failed. Too many things on my mind and the only way i can deal with them is by listening to songs which has got nothing to do with what i'm feeling. Well, maybe a little. Like i was saying, since i wasn't working on my project anyway, i decided to go out to the terrace for a cigarette. My friends were there (It's kind of a nightly tradition to go upto the terrace and exchange random conversations) and we started making fun of Kartika, this south Indian girl from my class. She's one helluva character alright which is why we love to make fun of her, in a harmless way of course. And she's a good sport. I find myself drifting away from the conversations and it isn't unusual because i've been doing it alot recently. You know, getting lost in my thoughts, all other sounds surrounding me just fades away into the background and it feels like i'm alone, only my thoughts to keep me company. I like this feeling. It's addictive even. But my friends think i'm just unhappy. Can't blame them though. The thing is, it keeps coming back to me. Haunting me in my subconcious mind. I try to keep it away, bury it deep inside but i know that i would never be able to forget it nor escape that harsh reality. it often makes me wonder what would it be like, if that hadn't happened. Would i still be the same person that i am right now? Or would i be a completely different person as opposed to who i am today? These questions are killing me. It got to the point where i actually believe i'd be a better person if not because of that. I don't know, i just think

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