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Human Resource Management from the word itself “human” meaning it about on how you manage the people inside and outside of an organization. Human Resource Management has four functions that are needed to fulfill or to implement in an organization. First the Recruitment, which is the crucial function in human resource. It is really significant for an organization to have competent employees that will help the company grow and develop. In this aspect, the company will spend a lot of resources and time just to select and filter those potential candidates to be suitable and be fitted on the right position. They could use an attractive compensation and benefits in recruitment. However, with regards to performance management, it is really important that an HR department should monitor the performances of the employees by giving performance appraisals to the appraiser. With this, they could be able to know the strengths of the employees where should be develop and the weaknesses that should be focused and be improve through the use of different training programs based on different categories. It could be on technical skills, management skills etc. The management of human resources is critical for companies to provide “value” to customers, shareholders, employees, and the community where they are located. Value includes not only profits but also employee growth, development and satisfaction, creation of new jobs, protection of the working environment, and contributions to organization programs. All aspects of human resource management including acquiring, preparing, developing, and compensating employees can help companies meet their competitive challenges and create value. Also, effective human resource management requires an awareness of broader contextual issues affecting business such as the economic recession, legal issues, and globalization.

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