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Robert Crutchley – Essential Skills for Nursing Practice SDH1032-N Simon Cripps – Module Tutor and Zoned Academic Summative Assessment – Reflective Account Year One Submitted – 7th January 2013 Cohort 1201 Word Count 2931 This essay will discuss, assess, investigate, question and explore issues which relate to my first year as a student nurse. Evidence based knowledge and practice will be analysed and used to justify the essay content and conclusion. Five essential skills clusters will be reflected upon, which are: care, compassion and communication; organisational aspects of care; infection prevention and control; nutrition and fluid management; medicines management. The Nursing and Midwifery Council document the code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives, 2008 (NMC,2008) and hereby referred to as “the code” will be used reflecting on specifics such as vulnerability, safeguarding, safety, consent, autonomy, therapeutic interventions, duty of care, choice, decision making, rights, responsibilities, communication, accountability, advocacy, confidentiality, health and well-being, law and record keeping. With regard to confidentiality the content will preserve anonymity throughout, consent forms would have been included should they have been applicable in order to comply with the consent and confidentiality policy of the school of health and social care and other legal legislation and guidance (NMC, 2008). The reflection model used within this essay is ‘Gibb’s reflective cycle’ (Gibbs,1988). Throughout my placements I have intended to reflect on my actions referring to this model both within and upon my practice using evidence based criteria in order to obtain positive learning outcomes and encourage self-improvement. At the commencement of my first and second placements I completed a ‘swot analysis’ which stated my

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