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Reflection Essay

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As a first year student on the BSc Nursing program I am required to explore an aspect of nursing care and reflect upon my experience. I have completed my placement in a surgical ward in one of the HSE mid-western regional hospitals, for confidentiality reasons I cannot disclose the hospital or patients identity as information regarding a patient’s history, treatment and state of health is privileged and confidential. (An Bord Altranais code 2000). I have chosen to reflect on an incident where I met a patient who was in isolation and in palliative care. I’ve decided to use the Gibbs model of reflection as a framework of my reflection, (Gibbs, 1988); this model of reflection best suits my ability and understanding of my own personal findings. (Kingston, 2010).

Reflective practice is tool used by the nursing care professionals. It is seen as important system for nursing professionals who use reflection as a life long learning instrument. To reflect is to develop and promote ones skill and knowledge of autonomy in professional self directed learning. The art of reflection is seen to improve the quality of care, promote personal and professional development, and complete the breach between theory and practice.(Ref)
Reid suggests that, “Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyze, evaluate and so inform about practice” (Reid, 1993 p.305). Schon describes reflection as, “where we may reflect in the midst of action without interrupting it. Our thinking serves to reshape what we are doing while we are doing it” (Schon, 1987. p 26)

Gibbs reflective cycle (1988)
Description of model
Gibbs model of reflection emphasizes on the process of learning from a description of ones performance and how they felt about the task. It encourages one to give an honest report of their experience, to try making sense of the incident and asking questions on what else they can do if the situation arose again. I...

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