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Reflection I feel that I am strongest in the communication area with children. I believe that when a child senses you are accepting of him or her, it is possible for them to feel self-worth and confident. Many times, I will sit on the floor to speak to children at their eye level. Children share their feelings more openly when they know I am listening and paying attention. When I say things such as, “I see” or “Can you tell me more?” this type of interactive listening helps the child know I am focused on them and what they are saying is important. When a teacher can accept a child on their own merits, look them straight in the eye and accept them for who they are, it can lead to building trust and confidence in their teacher. Emphasizing the positives more than the negatives is essential in building trust. “Please speak in our indoor voices” rather than “Don’t talk so loud” is more constructive. By re-enforcing the children in this way, one can teach them respect and consideration towards others. “Do” is more favorable over “don’t” when trying to establish a level of respect and trust towards a teacher. This ability also correlates with talking with the children rather than just speaking to them. It shows the children we respect their ideas and thoughts, as they should ours. There are many ways to enforce and build relationships with the child’s family. Weekly reports on their progress, conferences and emails can be just a few ways. I would like to be able to call parents and speak with them directly at least once a month in addition to emails and progress reports. By observing and keeping notes on when and where specific events happen and then following up with speaking with the parents, can possibly explain a lot of misguided behaviors. B. F. Skinner believed “there is no behavior that cannot be modified” (Gordon and Brown, 2008). When a

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