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Jose Palmon, Jr. BSBA (Marketing) III Reflection Through a mirror, I saw a lost soul staring straight back at me with his questioning eyes. His unremarkable features of messy dark hair, teary black eyes, fluffy red nose, and creased forehead showedan inconspicuous sadness. I stared back at him intently with no blinks.Then, he asked me who am I with his fragile accent. With broken voice, I hesitantly replied, “I am you. You are me. Who could we be?” He laughed. I laughed, then continued. “I was once a star shining brightly at the darkest skies. A spray of roses with soft thorns. I was like a rabbit playing in meadows with foxes and wolves. I am in a circle of a-so-called-friends. But now, I am a broken glass. “Too simple to start with, I got a loving family. I got a simple mother who loves me whoever I am. Also, I have a hardworking father who gives me strength in every means. With three brothers and a younger sister, I am completely blessed with such fun siblings. For they say: I am simple man chasing my dreams. A man bearing a thousand watt smile that brighten up a darker home. I am a firefly that radiates a moon glow over trees. “I got friends who were always there beside me whatever happens. They serve as my second family when I am at school and I am away home. For they say: I’m jolly. I do radiate positive energy. I am their clowns at daylight and pillows at night. “Acquaintances around me, they say: I look so mean with my protruding lips, strong eyebrows, and piercing eyes. I speak so mean with my sarcasms. I doubt them, they’re too judgmental.” I was stopped by a hiss--- from the reflection. And he said, “Don’t tell me what they think of you. That is no sense. Think of whom you really are, you will breath with ease.” I think. With smile I speak, “Who really am I? I cried, I laughed, and I flew and again will. Right now, I am happy though I am heartbroken. I

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