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Reflection I have learned that instead of having students copy vocabulary words and definitions into their journal, it is more engaging to allow students uncover the concepts connected to the subject being studied. Providing students the materials and direction they need during the investigative process so that they develop appropriate scientific discourse by themselves makes the learner (student), the center of classroom activity rather than the teacher. It is important to emphasize the process more than the product. In other words, having students explain how they arrived at the answer or solution helps them to want to try. When teachers emphasize the answer, the students just find a way to get the answer. Evidently, students will just copy the answer from someone who understood the process and finally got the answer. But when you emphasize the process and they are aware that they have to explain and support their answer, they are challenged to learn. When teacher understand teaching as facilitation and learning as a developmental process that puts students in control of their learning and knowledge construction, especially in teaching from diverse backgrounds, teaching becomes fun and more engaging. When students are empowered in this way, and through a culturally relevant curriculum, they move from a place where they simply consume knowledge to a level where they are able to examine the educational content through their own cultural categories and create meaning and understanding of the world. In this way, social and cultural relevance are emphasized while creating academic success. Creating and implementing a culturally relevant pedagogy helps students to focus on the community or society at large rather than on their races or themselves. To be a successful teacher in this our multicultural society and classroom, teachers can never overemphasize the

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