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REFLECTION IN SOC SCI 104 Last December 13, 2013, we had an educational tour together with the social work and engineering students for SOC SCI 104 class of Prof. Marlene Jagmis. It was the day that students were waiting for; another tour again for BSBA students and everyone’s excited. Our first stopped was in Crocodile farm. Although I’ve been there when I was a kid, I still appreciate it. It was great seeing cultured crocodiles there again after so many years but still it did not changed my impression or feeling to crocodiles, I’m still scared of them. After seeing the crocodiles, we roamed around the Crocodile farm and took pictures at some good spot. It’s a nice experience seeing others happy to see crocodiles for the first time. After Crocodile farm, we went to Mitra’s Ranch. It was a great view of the city and you can already see the mountains and some islands of Palawan there. The weather is calm and windy and there was a zip line for those who want adventure. Mitra’s Ranch is a great spot for couples and families in the city to stroll. Going down of Mitra road, Sta. Monica from Mitra Ranch, we stopped at Baker’s Hill. Although I have been there so many many times, I am still amazed of the architecture or the style of their buildings and their statues are cool. We roamed around the place; we saw birds like peacock and ostrich and some animals and took pictures anywhere. Before we left, we bought some of their products like crinkles and hopia ube. We went to Mang Inasal at Robinson’s Place Palawan for lunch. It was like there was a big birthday party there because we almost filled the whole Mang Inasal place and people keep on staring at us because we were just so noisy and kept on laughing. I really enjoyed the meal because of those people with me like Them Poll, his jokes kept me on laughing. After

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