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My draft essay INTRODUCTION Reflection is the procedure of looking at individual views and actions whilst concentrating on your interaction with other people including the environment to get a distinct representation of their behavior (Whitehead and Mason,2003).This essay is a reflection of the skills and progress on my CV based on the four domains of nursing competencies (NMC, 2010) which are Professional Values, Communication and interpersonal skills, Nursing practice and decision-making leadership, management and team working. These domains relate to supporting great principles of professional practice and excellent patient care. Health care professionals deal with circumstances that can be challenging during practice, a reflection on these involvements encourages learning and improvement on better ways to tackle these circumstances (Burns & Bulman, 2000). This assignment will reflect on some incidents that occurred whilst working as a support worker. This is in order to improve and develop my interpersonal skills thereby sustaining the therapeutic interactions with the individuals I supported. However, I will not be naming specific individuals or organisations due to the NMC (2004) confidentiality policy. Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle will be used in this reflection which comprises of six stages which start with an explanation of the situation followed by an exploration of the emotional state, third is the assessment of the experience, fourth is the inquiry into making sense of the situation, fifth stage which is a reflection of what else could have been done and finally a strategy to prepare on the action to take if the situation was to reoccur. Emotional intelligence Emotional intelligence is being capable of, monitoring your own emotions as well as other people’s emotions, correctly labeling them, and finally using emotional data in controlling

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