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Friday, November 19, 2010 Reflection on class assignment Collaborative Task Transformative Adult Education After find tuning the task at hand for our presentation. A classmate came and called our group for the commencement of the collaborative task presentation. When I entered the classroom the full cohort was not present. Some persons were in and out of the classroom like “chickens without head”. The facilitator then addressed the class and stated that the class was not prepared for the collaborative task. The facilitator sought to clarify what was expected of the class for the presentation. The facilitator explained that the class should have communicated as a whole for the execution of the task in planning and preparation. After the facilitator gave the class an idea of what expected my group member decided that we would not be able to do the presentation on that night base on the expectation. There were some groups who were adamant that they wanted to present tonight and other were adamant that they were not presenting tonight. It seemed like total confusion. A lengthy discussion ensued and the class was not making any progress and the class time would have soon expired. In my view most persons in the class wanted to assume the role of an authority figure, resulting in the class not coming to a consensus. With the chaotic display one classmate too on the truth role of an authoritarian and just laid out what each person needs to do to complete the task. With this experience fresh in my mind I am led to ask myself this question. Am I an adult learner? Based on the fact that I want the facilitator to give direction on exactly I should do to complete the task, I definitely not self-directed I need the guided of the facilitator. I need to know if I am on the right track, if I have strayed from the point, basically I need feedback and clarification of task

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