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Assignment 1A: Autobiographical Reflection Due date: Friday 11 July 2014 (as a draft only posted in Assignment 1A Autobiographical Reflection posting forum - you can edit any time up to final submission) Weight: 10% Length: 600 words Before doing any reading of the textbook and the resource material, begin by reflecting upon the kind of schooling experiences you had in the past. We will soon delve into discussion on competing definitions of social justice and consider ways to address each definition. But before getting into all these exciting tasks ahead, take some time to revisit your past. Reflecting on your past schooling experience may help you, and us, understand your prior knowledge and experience regarding social issues in education that we will introduce in the unit. We recommend that you access the following website and read the documents on ‘Reflective Writing’. In your essay, we suggest that you to consider the following questions. You do not need to address them all but chose the ones that are most relevant to your schooling experience. How do you think your social background (family, social class, gender 'race'/ethnicity, and geographical location) influenced (or did not influence) your own and maybe others' schooling experience? How did your schools/teachers deal with issues related to these social categories? When you hear "social justice and education," what comes to your mind? What example can you give from your past schooling experience that illustrates your ideas about social justice? Do you remember some of your friends who were positively or negatively affected by schooling due to their social class, gender, 'race'/ethnicity, and/or geographical location? How was their schooling experience different from yours? For those of you who have never thought about schooling in

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