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` Contents Introduction 4 What is reflection? 4 Models of reflection 5 Skills in reflection 6 Strategies in reflection 7 What is a Reflective journal and what are the benefits? 7 Construction of journal 8 Conclusion 8 References 9 Appendix • Fig 1 Kolbs Learning Cycle 10 • Fig 2 Johari Window 11 • Fig 3 Written Reflective Journal 12 Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to explore the concept of reflection, outline how I would construct and maintain a reflective learning journal, and how this process can help to promote personal development in relation to practice. Methodology In order to create this report I have been researching the topic of reflection by reading the key text advised by my tutors and accessing internet sites. I have also been using the study skills advice sheets and course module guides provided by Worcester University. A journal entry will be included (see appendix3) outlining how supervision

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