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Moon 1999 defines reflection as a “form of mental processing with a purpose and/or anticipated outcome that is applied to relatively complex”. However, Boud, Keogh and Walker (1985) go on to say that, reflection can be a universal term for intelligent activities, in which the reflector aims to explore and engage an understanding of an experience, which may lead to a new appreciation and understanding. It could be said that reflection therefore encourages the individual to gain a deeper insight about a situation, which then enables the individual to enable a new sense of perspective regarding their experience. Gibbs (1988) model of reflection encourages a reflection on action approach, which enables the individual to reflect upon a situation, and then plan what you may do differently if the situation arose again. Gibbs model (1988), goes thorough six stages that encourage and aid the reflective process, these include, description of the event, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and finally an action plan. My rationale for choosing such a model is that it encourages the individual to reflect in a more systematic manner enabling the reflector to complete thorough account. Description Upon starting the module of Management of the Acutely unwell patient, I was overwhelmed with information and what was required from me, within the unit it was explained that the module was unique in the way that if it was not passed (practical part) is could be seen as you not being ‘competent’. This was mainly due to the fact that 50% of its mark weight was a competence assessment document. I then discovered that some of the outcomes would require me to work or have the experience elsewhere for example one outcome was to perform an assessment of a patient with liver failure and biliary system dysfunction. I successfully completed the module and gained 40 credits.

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