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Couples Retreat Relationships are an important aspect in a person’s everyday life. Relationships and their meaning are different for everyone. Whether it be how they talk to one another, how they react to each other, or how they behave. The film Couples Retreat is a prime illustration of the differences a couple may face. Depending on the relationship a couple can create a diverse partnership. It could just be in how two people communicate their desires and dreams and how they will go about fulfilling them. It could be how open they are about their feelings, how positive or critical they are of each other, or how they deal with their anger. All these factors can affect a relationship. Males and females stereotypically express their feelings in different ways. Couples Retreat shows us exactly those differences and that every couple may struggle from time to time. The movie Couples Retreat involves four couples: Dave and Ronnie, Joey and Lucy, Jason and Cynthia, and Shane and Trudy (along with ex-wife, Tasha). Jason and Cynthia decide to tell their friends that their marriage is in trouble partly due to their inability to conceive. They want to work on their relationship at a couple’s therapy resort called Eden. They decide to show a PowerPoint presentation full of sunlit beaches and beautiful locations. They also assure their friends that the couple’s therapy is completely optional. The other couples are reluctant to go due to childcare responsibilities, but eventually agree to help their friends receive the group rate when they find out that their children have arranged for their grandparents to come and watch them. When all the couples arrive at the resort they are informed that couples therapy is actually mandatory and if any couple fails to attend they will be asked to leave the resort. While they are out on the island Shane loses his live-in girlfriend

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