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When thinking of something different and challenging for learning you have a variety of opportunities and vase selections. Well my selection was ballroom dancing but more interesting was the East Coast Swing. East Coast Swing is a form of social partner dance. It belongs to the group of swing dances. East Coast Swing is a dance that is under fast swing music, including rock and roll and boogie-woogie. My selection on dancing was very puzzling to me and I had to think twice about it. I thought trying something completely I knew nothing about and thought it would be fun to learn since I need to learn how to dance to variety of music. When I went to the met my instructor who is dabbled in a variety of dance forms throughout her teens: modern, jazz, hula, tap, flamenco, sevillanas and belly dance, but ballet was her first passion. In her twenties, she began teaching basic ballet and cardio-aerobic classes . After her telling me this, I was sold that this would be very interesting and something I wanted to do but so many dances to chose from but I chose this particular dance and project to broaden my skills and diversify myself to make me more complete and dancing has always been a passion of mine. After choosing my project, I did not expect the difficulties of my project and the hardships of the process of completion. In fact I did not actually I had a partner to go through this process so it made much easier and much more fun. The extent of my steps was that I had to pick to song to do my project on so I picked a Michael Buble, which was slow, but up beat so it was good song to dance too. After this process, I had to dress a certain way and get shoes. I was shocked but interested you need leather sole shoes because they allow better movement and turning since swing is an up beat and moving dance. Also with the swing you have to be balanced and on your toes so I

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