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During our learning team discussion, we compared and contrast the five different approaches to leadership and their strengthens and weakness of each trait.. We discussed the trait approach, behavior approach, power-influence approach, situational approach, and the integrative approach. Reggie thought the situational approach theory was interesting in that the subordinate is given tasks based on their level of maturity. The level of maturity ranging from M1-thru M4. The lower the subordinate maturity, the more involved the leader. In the M2 and M3 the leader can give less tasked oriented behavior and start focusing on more relations-oriented behavior. The finally stage of maturity the leader can use a combination of both tasks and relations oriented behavior. We also discuss that the maturity level of employee different by individual, not all employee reach maturity levels at the same time and that employee sometime regress from one stage to the next. Reggie believe that the leader must be aware of their employee and be able to identify behavior that is not consistent with their pass performance. As a leader in the military he often used this approach in training lower enlisted soldiers. As a squad leader you are responsible for the training squad members on basic soldier tasks. He must determine the mix of task and relation orient behavior to use for each member and be able adjust his style pending on the maturity level of that squad member. By doing this the leader will be able to adjust his or her leadership style given that situation. Reggie did not struggle with any topics this

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