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Reflection 1: My Prospective Slide 1: Title Slide Slide 2: My settings In the following notes and corresponding slides I will be discussing a management mistake I made and what the repercussions of my actions were based on the decisions I made. I will also be discussing what I learned from my experience. The location of my bad management decision occurred in Tampa International Airport (Tampa FL). I work for Delta Air Lines at the departure gates. It was regular business Monday and unfortunately a New York flight got returned to the gates due to mechanical problems. All passengers were deplaned and lined up at the gates for future accommodations. Slide 3: My plans I was very new in the company and did not have a lot of knowledge about operational plans. I did not have enough time for job analysis and had to start working with passengers as the rest of my team. Slide 4: My inner thoughts, feelings, desires My first passenger was a medallion member with the highest status in the company. Those types of passengers normally have a lot of expectations. They pretty much know everything about company and understand different situations. Unfortunately that was not my case. As soon as I said that plane is going to be delayed for another hour and there is nothing we could do about it, the passenger started to scream at me. I tried to apologize about it, but it looked like apology was not accepted. I really needed to assist other passengers also so I thought that the best thing to do is ignore the passenger that was complaining. He was really mad and frustrated saying that this was not right attitude towards work and passengers. At that point I wanted just walk away and never come back to work again. But using positive reinforcement I overcame all the obstacles. Slide 5: My Actions I had to use the help of my supervisor. Unfortunately while my passenger

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