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This reflection talks about an on going assessment which I did whilst working in one of the hospital here in the United Kingdom. I am going to use the Gibbs cycle in which I describe the event in assessing the patient on post surgery wherein it is still consider as a crucial stage in the recovery phase. The feelings the student encountered upon doing the assessment, the evaluation the student have made base on the assessment, the student is able to analyse the situation and come up with a conclusion (Gibbs, 1988). The patients name has been changed to protect confidentiality and privacy of the patient mention in this reflection (Nursing and midwifery council, 2008). The first stage of Gibbs cycle is to describe the event in which I have Mrs Helen as the subject of my reflection, a 50 year old lady who just had an operation. Mrs Helen arrived 5 minutes ago from the recovery unit. The first thing I did was to take her vital signs and she got an early warning score of zero. I kept on monitoring her and when I came back to do another set of vital signs after an hour I notice that her blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration is above the normal and she got an early warning score of three. I can see her facial expression that she is in pain and that is probably why the reason that she got high early warning scores. I immediately reported it to the nurse to assess her again. The second stage of Gibbs cycle is my thoughts and feelings about the situation. I was alarm that her vital signs are higher than the previous two observations I recorded. Looking at her facial expression I can also tell that she is probably in pain without even asking her. Having been reported to the nurse and reminded her to press her patient controlled analgesia, I took another set of vital signs after an hour and her vital signs is back to normal range. Early warning scores is a useful

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