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Curiosity creates the sparks that ignite a need to explore what lies beyond the currently known. This fire, in turn, sprouts the seeds that are the fragile beginnings of the research itself. Inquiring researcher begin their work with questions: Why? What if…….? It is true? This thought by has caused me to reflect on the meaning that I had given to the process of conducting a research. During my undergraduate studies, I enjoyed researching, skimming through a body of literature and discovering new information and ideas whether by using textbooks or surfing the internet. Researching meant for me the collecting of information and regurgitation of words, phrases and paragraphs without understanding the meanings in many instances nor checking the professional fallibility of the material . Fallibility means that material presented maybe bais towards the field of study (Paul R. and Elder L. , 2002 ) or by knowledge claims ( postpositivism, constructivism, advocacy , pragmatism) that influences how a researcher writes about knowledge (Creswell, 1994 ). Though I was aware of the need to cite references for work I produce as research material, the style of referencing was not emphasized. The method I used did not follow any set principles as in the use of APA (American Psychological Association) styles of writing. Neither did I clearly understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative data. I usually distinguish between both by stating that quantitative research involves numerial data and qualitative does not. This analogy was replaced when we discussed approaches of research in the course which I will further expand on later in my comments on what I have learnt. These experiences point to a limitation of my awareness in research principles and level of cognitive skills in questioning the credibility of knowledge. With this in mind, I described my

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