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tionSahara Burgess December 1, 2010 Math 118 LN, Fall 2010 First Reflection Paper During the preparation of the presentation for the class, everyone that was in my group contributed just as much as I did. We had to do a presentation on Truth Tables for Arguments (parts 3-5) of the Logic packet. Monica did most of the research finding out what the symbols mean one meant “and” (^), another meant “or”, (~) meant “the negation of”, and () means “if….then.” Marek helped with the set up of the truth tables and did most of the writing on the board because he had the biggest hand writing, and I was in charge of explaining how the truth tables worked as far as telling when the outcome was true an when it was false. To prepare for the class so that I was ready to present, I just practiced and studied all of the signs and the specific laws of the truth table. For example, each table has to be set up like so p-T T F F, q- T F T F, and p^q- T F FF so forth and so on. To be honest I was nervous about presenting because I don’t like being in front of a lot of people but, to my surprise I was calm, collected, and didn’t forget anything. I believe it was because everyone was into our presentation and actually liked it and in turn helped each of us through being in front of the class. To improve our work we could have incorporated more examples into it and had the class do at least two more examples on their own (with our help of course). But, they were content with that one problem. The thing they liked most about Truth Tables, which I actually liked as well, was how complex the problems could actually get. As I did my research I came across a table that I had not seen before For example: Of course this was too complex for us as well as the class so we didn’t put incorporate it into the

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