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Reflections we use reflections to reinforce the learning for key messages only. For example, after negotiation role-plays and emotional intelligence quizzes, it’s useful for the students to write a reflection. Sometimes if there isn’t enough time in class to debrief, we prescribe one. It isn’t like the other units where they are written each week and marked. Feel free to use your discretion when you think this should be. Length should be short: 250 words or less. Push for quality rather than quantity and avoid the big descriptions. After all, we were all there! The DIEP model is the one we use (for better or worse!), and some students even set up a paragraph for each component: Describe, Interpret, Evaluate & Plan. That can be restrictive for some and yet useful for those who like structure and clear directions. See the blogs and reflections document for tips that we posted onto Blackboard. The participation mark is very much at your discretion. The reflections are only a part of this mark. I consider attendance, involvement and contribution in class discussions and even if they come and see me about their work and ask for help. This mark is our ‘wriggle room’ for when students are borderline with regard to grades. An example of a good reflection after doing the EI test in the text book (unedited): Total score: 95 - Top Quartile The result obtained from taking the emotional intelligence, I found was accurate and did the final result was not surprising for me personally. This could be due to a number of different factors but the main one I believe is the influence of family where they have led me to think of the positive outcomes and provide solutions where neccessary. Through family influence I have gained more of an understanding of what is wrong and what is the right thing to do in certain situations which has ultimately lead me to be more aware

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