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Reflection 1 Reflection Reflection 2 I am a Christian, a child of God. I am blessed with truth and belief in my Lord Jesus Christ. But What does that exactly mean to be a true Christ follower? Many people have various ideas and thoughts on what Christians are and are not. True Christians strive to be obedient. In living the life of a Christian it is important to face some thought provoking questions. Why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel? Testimonies can give evidence to the greatness that is God. If a person is a Christian does it matter how they live their life? We need to have an absolute Godly moral standard way of life so those who come in contact with us will admire our ways and want to pursue them as well. What can your local church do to better communicate God’s love to your community? Churches need to establish sincere fellowship and encourage the church family to have a servants heart in the lives of other to show the love Christ has to offer. Why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel? Being a Christian I see the complete difference in how I used to deal with my problems and how I deal with them now. I used to grumble and complain. I used to see the glass as half empty. When faced with any difficulties I now capture the thought of negativity and give them to the Lord. I am now a light to others. This is especially true with my prodigal husband who has been resistant to my silver lining moments. But through my testimony of seeing the power in God who is bigger than any situation, I am able to show him that although things are difficult there is a God more powerful than any circumstance who can give me joy and contentment despite Reflection 3 obvious difficulties. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding me to His truth and His

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