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Reflect Statement This six-week course changed me a lot. To begin with, I would like to talk about my mentality changes through weekly task and in class performance including morning class and academic engagement. I try to remember how blindly optimism I was. In first week there, I suppose I can well done in next 12 weeks and accomplished my pre-sessional English courses even I have no HRM background, which I shift my subject from Art to Management with Human Resources. Now it seems a huge challenge to me. I feel depressed when people writing their assessment while I was still looking for materials and reading books which related to my subject that supporting my opinion in writing. When they finished, generally, I was beginning to write, the academic writing is very unfamiliar to me, for example, how to paraphrase the ideas from people’s article and how to cite. Making citation in my own article is to show respect to the sources that given by their knowledge. I easily confused with first name and surname, some times, I forget writing page number for quotes. Near the deadline, I have always been the last few person who submits assessment on Vision. Not only that, I also frustrated in the morning class (Academic Literacy), when groups started a three-minute discussion to find the answer, time is too short that every group member has a little time to speak. I can hardly express my opinion as fast as they do, so in most case, I just listening. It is a tough time. However, in every academic engagement class, I feel more participative when I speak with partner. We prepare a Ted Talk every weekend and discuss it in the class with critical thinking. Tessa Berge, our academic engagement teacher, encouraging us to use visual notes when listening a lecture. I am particularly interested in taking notes whether using visual like mind map or just using

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