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The purpose of this essay is to reflect upon an aspect of my professional practice that I have encountered whilst I was on clinical work placement at St. Vincent’s Private hospital. At the time I was studying in Health Services Certificate III in AIN. And is presented in a methodical point of view of how the way health professionals interact with their clients and team members. My first day on clinical was in the respiratory ward. It was quite nerve-racking and daunting, as I wasn’t too sure of what to expect. The RN who was my buddy for the day, showed me around the ward. My RN attended to a patient who has chronic asthmatic bronchitis, and was on an oxygen machine. First task was to the manual-handling machine to transport the patient into the shower. I observed my RN carefully and how she uses the machine. It’s stated that “Despite this, dignity is seldom defined and there are few guidelines that nurses may use in their practice to safeguard individual patients’ dignity.” (Ballie, L. 2007). And since this was my first time, I felt quite uncomfortable in assisting the task. I felt like a must push myself in doing the allocated tasks since it was my first time watching a patient being showered. I knew that if I was to become an RN one day, I must overcome this uncomfortably, and view it as a natural thing. So I intervened and asked my nurse if I can help dress the patient up, and so I did it, and it felt like the best feeling when I completed a task in which I first felt uncomfortable with. I had a “wow, it wasn’t that bad” attitude afterwards. Personally, from what I know, Australia is known to be a multicultural country. English, for some individuals may be their second language. Within a clinical environment this could be a difficult way of communication between a health care professional and a patient. During placement a newly admitted patient

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