Refining the Union Essay

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One of Obama’s key points in A More Perfect Union is we can’t ignore race. “Race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now.” (Obama 4) Race can’t be ignored. It is has become a part of the media, our lives, and who we are. We can’t deny race plays a part in politics. My sophomore year of high school the year Obama was inaugurated my history teacher walked in to class and told us to write a paper about why people in foreign countries would respect Obama. I wrote a good paper about his polices. I got an eighty on the in class write and after class I asked him why I got the grade I got. He said in order to get the full one hundred I had to write that Obama was black. At the time I was taken aback. Now I understand that I really can’t ignore race. Now isn’t the time to pretend or try to be color blind. Especially for the class I’m currently taking. Social Hierarchy was never said but if you listened close enough you saw that it was there. Obama talked of how whites see themselves as earning everything that they were given. They are granted a higher place in society because they and their forefathers have worked for it all their lives. Rich white men have the power in our society. There is no denying that they make up the vast majority of congressmen, CEOs, and media conglomerate owners. In order to create a perfect union we need to reconcile our differences. “The past isn't dead and buried. In fact, it isn't even past." We do not need to recite here the history of racial injustice in this country.” (Obama 4) We need to move on in order to confront the problems of today. These distractions about race are pulling us away from the real issues. In the media we tend to focus on what a man is and not on what he believes in. We let stereotypes control our first perceptions of a person. We need to stop with the distractions. We need to

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