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UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems Referencing Guidelines Academic year 2014–2015 Prepared by the School Teaching and Learning Strategy Group 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction Page 1 2. Plagiarism 2 3. Referencing guidelines 6 4. In-text citations using the Harvard (author-date) style 9 5. Compiling the list of references 18 References 24 2 1. INTRODUCTION Among the key attributes of a university graduate are an enquiring mind, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The graduate is also expected to have the skills for retrieving and critically appraising information and have good communication skills. The way that students demonstrate evidence of the attainment of these attributes is mainly through the assessment process. Hence when written material is submitted by the student, it is assessed not just for evidence of the student’s knowledge of his/her subject, but also for evidence of the development of these key graduate attributes. Hence, in addition to demonstrating knowledge, the student is also required to demonstrate the ability: o To discover what is already known about a subject, i.e. information retrieval, literature searching, critical appraisal, interpretation o To review published literature in a fair and unbiased way, accurately reflecting what is known and a bringing together multiple published works in a single written piece o To communicate ideas effectively, coherently and concisely through the written word o To write with accuracy and precision, using correct grammar and spelling, proper syntax, and correct punctuation o To think logically and clearly and to present the pros and cons of an argument in a balanced way The type of writing that is presented in essays, course work and other project work is referred to as

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