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Technical requirements for quotations and referencing Contents (please add list of contents for easy reference for students) Page Introduction 1 Direct quotations 1 References in the text 2 List of sources 4 Sources in general 4 Later editions of a book 5 Translated works 5 Institutional authorship 5 Works universally known by their titles: dictionaries and encyclopaedias 5 A journal article or article in a newspaper or magazine 6 An article in an anthology or collective works 6 Two publications in the same year 7 Dissertations or theses 7 Unpublished conference papers 7 UNISA study guides 7 Internet articles 8 Unknown date or place of publication 8 Introduction When writing an assignment or Masters dissertation, you may want to quote from a book or an article to substantiate your arguments. Your credibility as a researcher depends on how thoroughly you acknowledge the ideas and thoughts of other authors. References are used to: • acknowledge the original author(s) whose ideas you are using • substantiate arguments and statements • enable your reader to consult the sources referred to, and/or to check your information This document contains the basic types of references that you may need in academic writing. You will note that this information also appears in your Tutorial letter SB80P19/101/3/2006. You may also consult the following sources in this regard: Add additional sources if needed Direct quotations When you use an author's exact words, they should be placed between quotation marks. Keep the use of quotations to a minimum. A string of quotations suggests that you could not interpret or properly understand the text. When quoting please note the following points: Place the quotation

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