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What does your department do…? Different departments or disciplines may use different styles of referencing, so it's important to check which your department prefers, and how they want you to use it. The examples in this guide use Harvard referencing, which is the style most commonly used at Reading. Check in your course handbook (usually available online if you don't have a copy) to see which style of referencing you are expected to use. Most of our advice on how to use references will be relevant to your studies whatever the style. There are also some external links listed at the foot of this page that give advice on other referencing systems. What is referencing? Referencing is a way of acknowledging the books, papers and other published and unpublished materials that you have used while researching your essay or report. This acknowledgment has to be made twice: once in the body of your text (or sometimes in footnotes) in the place where the source is referred to; and once with full details at the end of your work in a reference list or bibliography. References acknowledge that part of your work is based on the work and material of others. All academic work is part of a greater body of knowledge. Showing where your work fits into this is an important part of academic practice at university. References show the range and nature of your source materials. References to published sources should provide sufficient detail to enable anyone to find for themselves the work you are citing. Good referencing is a key part of the presentation of your work and you may lose marks for poor referencing. Failure to acknowledge that some of your opinions and information have come from others may be regarded as plagiarism (See Avoiding accidental plagiarism for more on this). Academic writing involves using sound evidence to support and strengthen your own

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