Referance Guide of the Principal Sociological Perspectives.

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Unit 5 P1, P2, M1 Reference Guide & Essay - Sociological Perspectives Functionalism ‘A sociological approach the sees the institutions of society as working in harmony with each other, making specific and clear contributions to the smooth running of society.’ Edexcel Health and social care level 3 Book 1 BTEC National. Functionalism is known to linking society with the human body. Just like the body functions through different organs to keep it stable, society each have particular contributions to make. Functionalism approaches the belief that society works together with different functions to perform. This is to keep a sense of social stability and to ensure the smooth running of society whilst the body has many different mechanisms to help fight off and deal with diseases. When part of the system is not working it may affect other parts which created social problems and change. For example the government provides education for children in return the parents/carers pay taxes which the government reply on to keep themselves running. The parents/carers are dependent on the school to help their children grow up and get good jobs so they can support their own families. Whilst in this process the children become tax payers who then support the government. If all runs smoothly the society is stable. Marxism Marxism is believed to be the conflict model and the structuralist model. The idea was first approached by Karl Marx. He believed that someone’s behaviour was shaped by society but he also believed that someone’s social class defined the person within it. It is a method of social analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict. Karl Marx also believed that the economic system defined different parts of society and peoples self-worth. Karl Marx believed there were two social classes Bourgeoisie/Capitalists- This social class is
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