Refer, Retain, Release Essay

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Interviewing and communication skills are not only used by clinicians on clients but also by human service managers when they need to evaluate, and assess their staff members. We tend to evaluate or assess them for many reasons, such as promotion, possible termination, and reinforcing skill sets. The succeeding scenarios will focus on these skills, and we as managers have to decide whether to retain, release, or refer employees at Family Support Services Center. Tom Martin is a 32- year- old Caucasian male who is currently divorced. Tom has been employed with Family Support Service Center for the past four years. In his current position Tom is an individual counselor who works primarily with adult clients. During the past four years his work performance can be rated as adequate but definitely not an outstanding counselor. Going over Tom’s assessment a few questionable activities have been brought up. After a thorough review of his case files it has been discovered that four female clients have terminated their counseling sessions with Tom with no explanation of any kind given. A female client has recently informed Tom’s supervisor that he has made inappropriate sexual comments toward her, purchased her gifts, and escorted the client on a one on one date outside of office hours. This client has also noted that Tom has implied that he could help her gain custody of her children who were placed in protective services in exchange for personal favors. Tom initially denied these accusations when they were presented to him, but he does admit that he is attracted to the client in question. There have also been two client complaints that have not been substantiated. As a clinician Tom has clearly overstepped the therapist – client relationship and has abused his role. It is not unusual for clinicians to meet clients outside of the office. However in this case
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