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Reflection For SLS Kristopher Burnett Jordan SLS 1000-11H-22 September 11, 2012 Lisa Williams Reflection for SLS Passion, being defined as ardent love, the object of love and desire, boundless enthusiasm, or a deep overwhelming emotion, is an ample word to describe my feelings for encouraging people to treat one another with kindness, care, compassion and sensitivity. My passion is leading people to new and innovative ideas in how to pursue and accomplish daily or known and otherwise complacent task that can save lives and change the way we think about Mother Nature and how we react to her constantly changing and sometimes violent behavior. Catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina, Mt. St. Helens, California’s mudslides, and the more recent raging Midwest wildfires, have given me added incentive and inspiration to become an innovative and pro-active Emergency Management Coordinator. In this line of work and field of study I can affect changes to the way the U.S. has reacted and prepared for interactions between mankind’s urban sprawl and natures unsettled reactions to it. In our haste to fulfill the need to house and populate the planet, we often forget that certain precautions are needed and sometimes mandatory in order to avert total calamity and massive loss of life when inhabiting some of the earth’s oldest and most formidable habitats. The New Orleans disaster of 2007 showed us the error in our thinking, that nature could but would not evoke havoc upon us at certain levels or in older civilizations. Poor planning and preparation and even worse maintenance and upgrades caused the United States, and especially the people of Louisiana to undergo horrific flooding and even worse clean up from the onslaught of deadly tides and stagnate ocean waters. Improper levees caused more harm than the hurricane itself could have brought upon the area. Mud slides in

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