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Objectives Week Two Shirley A Everett, Janet Garrett, Antoinette Smith, Robert Ward Team ~B~ Week Two July 11, 2012 Reflection Paper V Singhal- Professor 2.1 A topic of interest for in the role of continuous improvement for strategic planning would be improvement in the academic processes of the University of Phoenix. Both continuous improvement and strategic planning are organizational learning processes. They share the principles of data driven decisions making, leadership commitment, stakeholder need assessment, and benchmarking. A strategic plan process in the academic world should support and reflect new ways of managing, controlling, and improving continuous quality improvement tools for University students. The University of Phoenix, concentrating on its twenty first century students, should be responsible for newer administrative leadership training, offering three year baccalaureates, more diverse and universally applicable course curriculum that reflect approachable realistic job markets with college networks that produce cohesive results. Also, a role of the continuous improvement would be maintaining quality services which require administration to vigilantly watch over the quality of teaching, advising, student services and campus facilities. Another way to improve the strategic planning process would be to introduce this class earlier in the curriculum of learning. Waiting to introduce quality management and productivity in the sense of quality control to third or fourth year students does not help the quality of work that can be produced by this time in a student’s career. An example of this would be the presentations that are done in each class. Some students, especially working adults like the University of Phoenix attracts, have not done power point presentations and even being an accelerated learning environment, the quality that is

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