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The Walking Marriage What questions did it bring up for you? The Walking Marriage reading brought several questions up for me. The first was the Luoshui people considered this to be a marriage. The concept of a committed relationship between two people seems to be challenged in my mind. Marriage is a lot of work and should be. I consider the walking marriage to have an escape clause that one does not have work as hard. If you have a disagreement you can just walk on to your next relationship. The in class film they said it was for true love and how the people would just move on if it was not working. I feel this is the easy way out. Of course one could say the same for our culture and divorce. Another question this brought up for me is how the Luoshui people really got to know their partners. By living together you know more about your partner/spouse. You find all their little quirks and fun things about them you would have never know by not living together. Of course there are some quirks I would rather not have know about my wife! In my opinion this makes the relationship stronger and it has a greater chance of success. Everyone has quirks and issues they think are normal. I am sure the Luoshui would feel the same way about living with their spouse. Maybe they don’t want to know they leave the cap off the toothpaste or they complain too much about work. Different cultures and ideals work for some and not for others. One of the factors is the norms one is raised with. The Luoshui grew up in a much different environment and cultural. If I was raised in their culture I would think the Walking Marriage would be normal. This also brought up the issue of children in my mind. I have a child. I would not like missing that much of my child’s life. I think it is great that the Uncles help with raising the children, but I feel nothing can replace

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