Reefer Madness Film Response

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Insert name Insert name of the course supervisor Insert name of the course Insert date assignment is due Reefer Madness Film Response As a 1936 classic film, Reefer madness got the first filming as a full of propaganda. Its primary purpose was to enlighten the public about negative effects of Marijuana. It also exposes a lot of ridicule and excessive deployment of cult classic. This film has its story base written by Meade Lawrence. It is writing by Hoerl Arthur and constitutes a supplement of a dialogue from Paul Franklin. A spin from its main message was an addition by an eminent filmmaker and producer Esper Dwain. Reefer madness had the initial brand of the name Tell Your Children. Its popularity over several years got the reference of cult classic from people who did not understand it. This film is in a non-serious tone. In a plan to yield enough credibility, reefer madness has a moral and serious form of dressing. Other names in reference to this American film of exploitation are doped youth, the provocative question, love madness and Doped addict. The music satire and a film base in 2005 got inspiration from this film. This film starts with classic styles and effects most eminent in movies of its time. It entails Jack Perry and Mae Coleman who are marijuana peddlers. Coleman sells to his most customers of her age while Jack prefers teens as his prospective customers. Another addict in the film is Wiley Ralph and Jacks assistant Blanche. There is an invitation of college teens Jimmy Lane and Bill Harper to Mae’s apartment with a motive of alluring them to the drugs circles. It prompts Jimmy to drive Jack to get additional refer from his boss. As Jack alights, he gives Jimmy a joint, which makes Jimmy drive with madness and run over a pedestrian who later died from injuries hence the name reefer madness. To reduce complication Jack had a promise to
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