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VILLA COLLEGE Faculty of Computing and Business Management BS401 ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS Name: Abdulla Sajid Student ID Number: S11422856 Tutor’ Name: Mohamed Thoriq / Fathimath Mohamed SEPTEMBER 2011 TRIMESTER CONTENT No | Name | From | To | C | Executive Summary | Page 1 | Page 1 | D | The Industry Analysis | Page 2 | Page 3 | E | Company Analysis | Page 3 | Page 6 | F | Problems | Page 6 | Page 6 | G | Recommendation | Page 6 | Page 6 | H | Reference | Page 7 | Page 7 | Executive Summary The clothes and footwear manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive industries around the world. Suppliers’ powers and access to shelf space. Industry Details The company I have selected is working in sports clothing and footwear manufacturing industry. In this industry the companies compete to give out the best products and make a high profit. This is a very competitive industry where many companies compete. This is because the competition is very high that there should be very innovative products to stay alive at the industry. The industry is a vast industry and with so many competitors. The innovation rate is very low. There are some new innovations lately. The customers are not sure what the best product is. The industry requires so much advertising to sell their products. The companies need to work for the local and fulfill their responsibility to social work for their promotions. So to research more about the industry we should know specific things about the industry. So the customer of this industry is mainly the sport athletes and the teens. The professional athletes sometime are being sponsored by the different company’s of this particular industry. The people of the age 15 to 40 mainly consume the products of this industry. The companies often sponsor the teams and the athletes because the people

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