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19_Final Feature The loud music blasting, and bright lights glaring down on the stage causes you to sweat. Staring out into the crowd and seeing hundreds pairs of eyes staring back at you. You cannot help but to ponder if this is all just a dream. Fear washes over you wondering if the ears that accompany those eyes will like your music. Hoping you will not be booed off the stage; you grab the microphone tight and send a tiny prayer up for luck. To your surprise people begin to stand up and vibe along with your song. As you leave the stage, you know this is what you have always wanted. Well this dream will become a reality for Louisiana State University freshman Seanil “Nilly” Reed in summer 2012. The 18-year-old New Orleans native won a spot on the URock Tour. The URock Tour gives unknown artist from various genres a chance to get national exposure while touring with mainstream artists. According to the URock website, the tour partners with major record labels like Def Jam Recordings, Warner Brothers, Capital City Promotions, Big Cat Records and MTV.…show more content…
His family supports his choice to pursue a music career. “My dad is my biggest fan hands down,” Reed said. “He listens to my music more than I do.” Reed did not expect such a quick turnaround. After he submitted two songs along with a photo and a biography, the URock Tour replied the next day saying he was selected. “When I submitted my music I was pretty confident in my work,” he said. “I knew it would land me a spot, just thought it would be a longer process.” Reed will be featured on the tour as an URock Star and has the chance to compete for $10,000 in cash, $30,000 in prizes from Def Jam Recordings, a record deal, a major tour contract and studio time for upcoming projects. Natasha Lee, a childhood friend of Reed, said the news was unbelievable. Lee said Reed is dedicated to his work and

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