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Reducing Employee Turnover For Best Buy Essay

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Employee Turnover
For BestBuy

Based on Global Strategy Inc.
Consulting ideas


Incidentals of Authorization and Submittal

This study of Bestbuy’s employee turnover rate is submitted to Mr. Yorton
Clark, CEO of Bestbuy Inc., on December 2, 2008. As authorized on October 13th, the investigation and studies was conducted under the direction of Matthew M. Farag Vice President of Global Strategy Inc.

Objective of the Study

There has been an increase in the employee turnover rate at Bestbuy over the past five years and it has begun to decrease effectiveness that our employees have with the customers. This study will also show all the costs that are associated with high employee turnover, as well innovative ideas to help reduce Bestbuy’s employee turnover.

Use of Observational and Survey Techniques

There were two main different techniques used to gain data in this investigation of Bestbuy associates. First, random stores were selected to be surveyed on reasons why they would leave their job and what makes them stay, along with many other specific and relative questions about job satisfaction.1

1 Berstein, A. (1998). We want you to stay. Really. Business Week, 22, 67.

Furthermore, all the employees that have left the company for any reason in the past three months have had a personal exit interview with the people associated with this study. This research was able to give us the specific reasons why Bestbuy employees were leaving and how they felt about their experience.

A team of highly trained observers surveyed all these people from the different locations in order to have a diverse population. At the end of the observation period, the observers had data of all different demographics and scenarios dealing with employee turnover.

A Preview of the Presentation

In this report, the clear findings and analysis appear in the same arrangement discussed at the October meeting. First, the three main...

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