Reducing Drug Trafficking Essay

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Mexican Border -- Reducing Drug Trafficking Marcello Robinson ENG 122 English Composition II Professor: Jenna Fussell 9 April 2012 US Borders -- Reducing Drug Trafficking Part I: Thesis The illegal drug market in the United States is one of the most profitable in the world. As such, it attracts one of the most ruthless, violent, and sophisticated drug traffickers (Agency, 2004). The violent Mexican drug cartels continue trafficking marijuana into the United States and each cartel earns up to $2 billion annually by pushing their drugs onto America territory. Currently, the U.S. Border Patrol employs over 20,000 federal agents that specifically deal with patrolling the Mexican border (Freedom, 2011). “Marijuana is by far the most seized drug at the Southwest border, and it serves as the cash cow of the drug cartels in Mexico” (Freedman, 2011, pg 15). Legalizing marijuana would reduce the demand of Mexican export and could diminish drug trafficking in itself. In fact, the amount of marijuana seized along the Southwest border has increased by 44% between 2005 and 2009, reported by the Beaumont Enterprise newspaper (Freedman, 2011). The implementation of inactive military government personnel to secure the Mexican border from drug trafficking and legalization of marijuana would lead to more territory being secured and saving the country billions of dollars. Part II: Plans and Programs The government can hire inactive military personnel to safeguard the Mexican border and reduce drug trafficking in the United States. The experience and knowledge of military personnel will proof vital in implementing identification checkpoints at the Mexican border. Before 1947, the Health Department was in charge of the drug policy and deterring drug trafficking across the Mexican border, but not many anti-narcotics agents were available to cover

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