Reduce Your Time On Facebook Essay

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Reduce your time on facebook How many users does Facebook has? According to Wikipedia, the population of Facebook is more than 800 million in the end of 2011. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated place, after China and India. Facebook’s users are from all over the world, Europe is the largest continent on Facebook with 223 million users, North America has 219 million, Asia has 202 million users. A lot of people spend at least 10 minutes on Facebook every day, while some of them may spend over 2 hours. In Facebook, people can update their profiles, check comments from friends, chat with friends, post photos, check the other’s photos or play online games. Facebook is like a giant online wonderland, it attracts people to go there every day, even every hour. In fact, spending too much on facebook is not healthy, even harmful. First, it consumes a great amount of time while you can spend on study or work. Second, many people surfing on Facebook are doing meaningless activities. Third, Facebook fulls of fake friendship, how can a person has exceed 500 friends on Facebook if he/she is not a celebrity? Four, being addicted on Facebook will cause emotional problems, like depression, anxiety-related disorders, and often use fantasy world of internet to escape unpleasant feelings or stressful situation. Facebook is a social networking website, it may improve interactions between friends, but Facebook addiction can cause a lot of problems, we should reduce our time on
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