Redshirting Research Paper

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Construct Development and Scale Creation (Academic Redshirting and Kindergarten) Using the construct of concurrent validity is operationally defined as the extent to which STAR Early Literacy Scores correlated with scores on external measures and both test were given within the same two-month period. Comparing children that has been redshirted to children who is in a classroom constructed environment. An operational test is Early Literacy test which is valid and operational. “According to NCES, boys are more often redshirted than girls, and children born in the latter half of the year are more likely to be redshirted than those born earlier” (Katz, 2000. p. 2). NCES reports children enters kindergarten later than their birthdays allows includes 9% of the population (Katz, 2000). Purpose of redshirting, parents hope of giving their children another year to catch up with growth to their peers academically and socially. While the social promotion and retention continues to occur (Frey, 2005). “There is a growing need to analyze redshirt candidates for potential…show more content…
Each parent will be interviewed before agreeing for their child to receive the test, discussion of the purpose of the test, and the length of the test. The method of scaling, a test using the Early Literacy test, includes five extended samples of social/emotional, cognitive, language development, and the characteristic that make each child unique. The test is computerized and each time a child answers a question it is correct/ incorrect response, tallied, and compared to the answers of the other children that previously tested. The test type is compared to Star Early Literacy which uses scored using the Rasch 1-parameter logistic response model. Based on the scoring system of Rasch 1 this test is a criterion-referenced test, there is not a percentile
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