Redox Arena Lab Report

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Redox Arena Lab Report Part 1 Observations of Standards Shown below and Included within the lab notes on page 11. Iodine Crystals: It was very small, round, and grey substance. Granular Zinc: It was a silver, small, grain shaped substance. It was also very hard and was slightly lustrous. Zinc ion and Iodine-iodide-triodide ion in water: It was a liquid solution in a bottle, it was very dark orange-brown color. Solid Zinc Iodide: A very white powdery substance that had several clumps within it. It was also very dry in nature. Mass Table Substance Amount of Mass Measured for Actual Mass Granular Zinc 2.0 grams 1.9 grams Iodine Crystals 2.0 grams 2.1 grams Observation of Reaction Shown below and Included within the lab notes on pages 12 and on page 14. Placing Acetic Acid in Zinc and Iodine test tube After placing the Acetic Acid in a normally unreactive test tube containing Zinc and Iodine, the solution changed to a more orange and then to a more red-brown color. The test tube became hot to the touch and after swirling it returned to room temperature and became colorless. Heating of Boling tube R The substance was placed over a Bunsen burner and after a few seconds the white substance began to dry and changed to a white color. Heating of Boiling tube P The substance was placed over the Bunsen burner and moved within the flame, the yellow liquid changed to a clear color and evaporated. After most of the liquid was evaporated it formed a white solid. Identification Tests of Isolated Substances in Table Form Shown below and included in lab notes page 15 and 16. Tests for Iodine (I2) Samples Test Result

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