Redesigning American Education Essay

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Guerro 1 Tre Guerro Professor G. Luque English 115 Essay # 3 09, December 2012 Redesigning American Education There are many people out there who might say or believe that today’s public schooling education cripples their children., and say that now teachers are only “teaching” students how to memorize certain dates and facts rather than getting students to learn that knowledge and have it maintain in their heads rather than just having them memorize till the test date and have completely wiped out of the memory. After reading about the educations of Richard Rodriguez and Malcolm X there were many points and facts that were quite interesting due to the environments that they were in while receiving an education. Although the educations of Richard Rodriguez and Malcolm X are similar in that they gave both men the desire to become more knowledgeable, Richard Rodriguez's search led him away from his culture while Malcolm X's brought him closer to his, and Rodriguez's education was dictated whereas Malcolm X's was self-taught. The educations of Richard Rodriguez and Malcolm X were some-what similar, but what if one of these men were entitled to redesign American education? Guerro 2 When Rodriguez was in the fourth grade, he embarked on a strict reading program. Rodriguez would go to the library and check-out the maximum of 10 books at a time, librarians started saving the books they thought he might be interested in, “I merely compiled a list of all the books I had ever read. Harsh with myself, I included only once a title I might have read several times. (How, after all could one read a book more than once?)” (201). These books were his way of becoming more knowledgeable. Similarly, education gave Malcolm X the same desire to become more knowledgeable. As Malcolm X once said, "I could spend the

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