Redemption to Revenge

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Redemption to revenge Let’s start with Mr. Delacroix. He thinks that he will find redemption by killing Mathew Poncelet, but he’s still mad when Mathew dies. His hate to Mathew Poncelet hasn’t disappeared, it still lives within him because Mathew took his sons to Mathew. Mr. Delacroix appears at the funeral with the hate glowing in his eyes. He drives away, and with help from Sister Helen he starts to forgive. The movie is colored with a lot of feelings. Hate, revenge, pity, redemption, and faith these are all very central feelings in the movie, and they all really have a certain effect on the movie in a way that no other typically American movie does. Normally in a typical American movie we’re guide into the way we have to think and, who we have to be against and for. But in Dead man walking, we are left with a choice. We can pick for ourselves. Is death penalty okay, or isn’t it. Mathew Poncelet did a terrible crime, but in some way we get pity for him even he actually murdered a kid, because he regrets his action in cries. He should just go to prison for many years, but because of his economy he can’t afford a lawyer and that’s why he lose the case, and it results in the worst penalty – death penalty. This movie is really amazing in the way that the viewer actually gets pity for the murder, and that’s really unusually in movies, especially in American movies. You get to see Matthews’s life in a different way when you follow Sister Helen. But imaging if we saw the movie from Mr. Delacroix view, then we wouldn’t have any sympathy for Matthew at all. We would understand why Mathew Poncelet was convicted to death so he could get his revenge of his son’s loss. The biggest part in this case is revenge. All those things Mathew did, took the families into a stage where everything seems futile. Even though Mathew Poncelet died, the families, especially Mr. Delacroix,
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