Redemption In Dead Man Walking

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Anh NGO 10B Dead Man Walking Task: ‘Redemption is an underlying theme throughout the film’. Discuss Redemption is forgiveness. You are redeemed means you are forgiven. It always happens in God’s love. However, let’s think another way when your child is killed, could you forgive the murderer? This is really a hard question for anyone to answer ‘yes’. That is because you are human, you are not God, and you couldn’t give your child’s life away to save another. However, in case the murderer is redeemed, how should this happen? ‘Dead Man Walking’ tells us about an inmate who has tried himself to find redemption from his victim’s families and in God’s love. Sr. Helen has to face many difficulties when she decides to go on helping Matthew. In people’s eyes, Matt is a monster and “It’s easy to kill a monster…” says Sr. Helen. Families of Matthew’s victims just want him to be executed as soon as possible. They get angry when Sr. Helen stays on Matt’s side and help him out. In this situation, we understand what they are going through. Their children are already dead, “they will never see them graduate from college; they will never attend their wedding; they will never have Christmas with them again; there will be no grandchildren.”. Delacroixs spilt up because the wife wants to put the past behind her and move on…I feel sorry for them and also for Matt who couldn’t control himself and wants to impress Vitello who is “as tough as hell”. Sr. Helen knows and understands the sorrow that they get and she just want to be next to Matthew in order to lead him to the execution with a heart of love and being redeemed. Sister Helen Prejean, as a servant of God, believes that everyone is entitled to the love of Christ and

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