Red Tape in Case Manegement Turned Into Music Essay

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| Red Tape in Case Management Turned into Music | | | | | | “Red Tape” is an idiom fairly new to me. I had to learn many idioms when I moved here in the United States. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, red tape is “a series of actions or complicated tasks that seem unnecessary but that a government or organization requires you to do in order to get or do something.” I was young and unaware of the power of politics and policies that are affecting everyday choices and various companies. I learned and experienced firsthand the needs of people in the community and the red tape that keeps them from getting what they need or want. I understand this concept. The part of a case manager that will be more difficult to work with is completing the case while navigating through a maze of “red tape” and get the people the assistance they may need. As the job experiences of Carmen Mejia in chapter 10 of our textbook explains, a function of a case worker is to influence the client. This impact will help clients make the decisions that will benefit their lives. The restrictions and expectation of agencies that are out there sometimes end up intimidating and frustrating the clients. I was glad to read about helping people buy taking small steps to achieve their goal. I feel that this may be challenging. A vivid example comes to mind about a frustrated nurse with the amount of paperwork he had to do every day. He told me that the paperwork was more significant than the patient. We recognize that the patient care is the number one priority, but the documentation is vital for the patient’s care. Similar to this is the responsibility of the case manager. He or she must do all the paperwork, applications, interview, etc. without neglecting the needs of the clients. I was curious to find out the average time it would take to apply for SNAP and how many

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