Red Tails Research Paper

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The Tuskegee airmen commonly known as the red tails will be best remembered as a group of African American pilots who never lost a bomber while escorting them to their destination. The red tails were strong, brave and independent Africans who fought as a part of America’s air force in wwii . While crossing enemy land to fight against Germany, they faced another battle on the front lines of America. At this time America was strongly influenced by racism . This racism extended to the other non –Africans members of the armed forces, who excluded and harassed the red tails. In the eyes of the other armed forces and the U.S government the red tails were not seen as equals with the white members. This memorial is important because of the little recognition that the red tails have received. Despite all…show more content…
The reason why we chose a plane is because the plane represents everything related to the red tails and speaks for itself. The plane will resting on a slate of pure Marble to represent their authenticity and majestic quality. The color that they put on their plane showed that they were different and wanted to stand out and were proud to be different. Their colors represented their pride for being Africans. The ceremony will be a joyful celebrated ceremony. We believed that because of how free-spirited the red tails were , they’d want to be remembered as a peasant thing. We’d invite government officials, like President Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton. We also invite anyone that’d want to come and be a part of a joyful remembrances. The armed forces will have a strong presence there and speak on behalf of the red tails. The feelings that we want the people attending the ceremony to have would be a feeling of respect for the red tails and sadness for how much disrespect they got from other
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