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Red Scare Essay

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  • on October 26, 2013
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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) |     * FBI had a strongly anti-communist director, J Edgar Hoover.     * In 1947 Truman let him set up the Federal Employee Loyalty Program, which allowed Hoover’s FBI loyalty boards to investigate government employees to see if they were communists.   * From 1947 to 1950, around 3 million were investigated.   * Nobody was charged with spying.   * 212 staff were said to be security risks (communist sympathisers) and were forced out of their jobs. |
House of Un-American Activicties |     * HUAC had been around since 1930s. It became big news in 1947.   * In 1947 Hollywood writers, producers, actors and directors were called to the HUAC and questioned on whether they were communists or not.   * The ‘Hollywood Ten’ refused to answer any questions, saying the HUAC did not have the right to question them.   * They were each jailed for one year for contempt of court and Hollywood studios blacklisted the ten. Most of them never worked in Hollywood again. |
Hiss Case |     * 1948 a man named Whittaker Chambers faced the HUAC. He admitted to being a communist in the 1930s.   * He also said Alger Hiss had been a member if his group. Hiss was a high-ranking member of the US State Department. He accused Chambers of lying.   * Truman dismissed the case, but a politician in the HUAC called Richard Nixon pursued the case.   * Nixon found evidence that Hiss did know Chambers, and that Hiss had passed information to the USSR during the war.   * Hiss was never tried for spying, but he was sent to jail for perjury in 1950 and spent 5 years in prison. |
Rosenbergs |     * USSR developed its own A-bomb in 1949. Much sooner than expected.   * US government strongly suspected that spies had passed its atomic secrets to the USSR.   * 1950 a German-born British physicist Klaus Fuchs was jailed for passing British and US atomic secrets to the USSR.   * Investigation into Fuchs led to suspicion of Julius Rosenberg and his wife Ethel.   * At the...

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